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Green logs to finished products and everything in between..


BIG WOOD was started by Gerrasimos Martselos, a natural artist from Vernon, British Columbia. Not just anyone can use a five foot chainsaw, and Gerry almost makes it look easy. Check out some of the milling videos from Black Forest Company to see how these giant trees are cut in such a way to show the best figure, grain, and live edge. 

Want to know what it's like working with BIG wood? 

Check out our instagram feed for amazing wood art!


BIG WOOD provides epic massive wood for amazing artists all over Canada! These trees are ethically salvaged from all over British Columbia. The best method to cut big slabs is chainsaw milling.  We mill where ever the wood may be, preserving its natural state as best we can.

It's a ton of work.

It's loud

It's dangerous

And the results...

Are totally worth it!



Do you custom build pieces for clients?


Yes! At BIG WOOD we have several wood artists ready to create your lifelong wood art. We have a large inventory to select a custom piece and design your piece. Once a 50% deposit is collected the project is added to current work orders and clients pieces are completed in the same order they arrive. 


What's your board foot price?


Forget all preconceived notions of board foot pricing. We do not sell dimensional lumber, we sell live edge slabs. The process involved in GENTLY handling a massive tree to keep epic live edges is considerably different then the convenience that modern machinery offers. We offer HUGE slabs, character cookies, and curvy mantels with the most pristine live edges, handled by people.Each piece of wood in our collection is ART and it's value varies according to individual characteristics.

Do it Yourselfers..


Huge respect to anyone willing to try a project of their own and we would love to help you find that perfect piece of wood for your project. We have all types of wood and all sizes to accommodate everyone from bowl turners, to table makers, to log carvers.

We can take projects as far as you need them taken whether that may be CNC flattening, planing, or sanding. We would love to see what you've made with our wood! 



What are your delivery options?


We can ship anything, anywhere, at client's expense.


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