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There are no prices listed for our inventory... because this is not an inventory.

There is no board foot price... This is not lumber.

This is the wood collection salvaged by wood artist and sawyer,

It's natural Art.​

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Wood Stages

Each of our pieces is unique, and is constantly being worked on by our staff.  This is how we sell wood and make custom wood art pieces here.

Some people want a raw green piece of wood because they want to make something themselves. Some people don't have a planer and want to have a little work done to their piece before taking it home to finish themselves. Others want a unique, 100% finished product, either already made, or custom built for their home. In order to serve you better, we've devised a way to help all of you! By offering a large variety of live edge wood, and a willingness to dedicate our staff to your project, we can provide service to everyone in a timely manner.




CNC Flattened


Sanded / Prefinished

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Kiln Dried / Raw


Planed / Processed


Epoxy Filled

As you can see there are many stages of work to be done on wood to make it the finished product you can have in your home or yard. So please fill out a contact form so we can better find the perfect unique piece to suit your needs. 


ATTENTION! We do not have stats for hundreds of pieces of wood memorized. It takes time and attention to pick the right piece so please give us your attention for a moment and fill out this form BEFORE phoning. 

YES we need to know your budget.

This is like a Ferrari dealership, please don't expect Ford Pricing.

Let’s Find Your Piece!

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To give an approximate quote, as much information as possible is necessary. If we do not have the information we will have to ask more questions resulting in a longer response time. Please be as thorough as possible. 

Tell us about your project! Dimensions? Preferred finish? 

Have an idea of what you want?        Upload it here!

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Thanks for submitting! We look forward to working with you!
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